Components of the Aneamal Translator


is initially empty. You can put tangentially related information or links inside which are automatically loaded into pages and typically displayed as sidebar.
is initially empty. You can put your page footer inside.
is initially empty. You can put your page header inside.
is a stylesheet for a very simple design. You can change it to your liking or replace it by a premade file.
is for adding metadata declarations that shall be applied to all pages.
contains functions that aneamal/html.php uses.
generates the webpage by translating Aneamal documents to HTML and integrating implied and linked files.
receives requests for webpages, manages the cache and triggers the translation from Aneamal to HTML.
must be renamed to .htaccess during installation. It configures the Apache server so that requests for webpages are processed by aneamal/main.php.
is an example Aneamal file. Edit or replace it to create your home page.
contains short information about the installation. Delete it, if you do not need it anymore.
contains short information about updating. Delete it, if you do not need it anymore.


contains Aneamal core files, which users should not modify. Module and template folders are also put into this directory.
is initially empty. It is for automatically generated files that are not supposed to be directly, publicly accessible. If you activate the cache in .htaccess, webpages which the Aneamal Translator has translated will be stored in a subfolder herein.
is initially empty. It is for publicly accessible, automatically generated files such as previews of images you link with [j]-> in your documents.