Math modules inventory

The Aneamal Translator doesn’t display LaTeX formulas beautifully by itself, but it’s very easy to add a module that does so:

  1. Download a math module from the following list. It’s a ZIP file.
  2. Unzip the ZIP file. It contains a folder called math.
  3. Upload the math folder to your aneamal directory.

Math modules

Both math modules require JavaScript in your readers’ browsers:

KaTeX for Aneamal
KaTeX is fast and completely contained on your web space. So you are independent from external sources. MIT license.
MathJax via CDN for Aneamal
MathJax supports more LaTeX commands. The plugin loads MathJax from an external content delivery network,

To be continued …


With a math module $$x_{1,2}=-\frac{p\pm\sqrt{p^2-4q}}{2}$$ in your document should be displayed online as follows. Time to be happy:


The MIT license is a free open source license, similar to the license of the Aneamal translator. See