title metadata

Declare title metadata to give your file a title. The title should be unique and short, but descriptive. When a file has been translated into a webpage, its title is used to identify the webpage in a list of bookmarks for example, in search results and as a label for a browser window.

If you do not have a title metadata declaration, Aneamal will use the first main heading of the file as title automatically.

It is alright when title and main heading are identical. But whereas the main heading is always displayed on your webpage (and hence in the context of your webpage), the title serves as standalone name for your webpage in other contexts such as in search results. Therefore, it is more important that the title is expressive on its own.


The HTML standard requires documents to have a title. So HTML validators will report an error in your webpage, if you have neither declared title metadata nor have a main heading that the Aneamal Translator can automatically use as a fallback title.


@ title: The Long Run – a short story by Y. Wye

For developers

The Aneamal Translator adds a HTML title element to a webpage, if title metadata has been declared in the corresponding Aneamal file. So the example becomes:

<title>The Long Run – a short story by Y. Wye</title>

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