meta metadata

The main Aneamal file of each webpage automatically inherits metadata from the @meta.nml file in the same directory or, if there is none, from the @meta.nml file in the nearest parent directory that contains one.

Declare meta metadata with the value off, if you do not want your Aneamal file to inherit metadata. Declare meta metadata with a local link value to make your Aneamal file inherit metadata from a different source than the nearest @meta.nml file.


The first example prevents the inheritance of metadata from a @meta.nml file:

@ meta: off

The second example explicitly tells the Aneamal Translator to inherit metadata from the @meta.nml file in the parent directory (instead of automatically from the nearest @meta.nml file that may be located in the same directory as this Aneamal file).

@ meta: ->../@meta.nml