fix metadata

fix metadata is used to switch provisional fixes for browser limitations on or off. Its metadata value is expected to be a recognized fix. A particular fix is switched on by appearing in the metadata value and switched off by not appearing in the metadata value.

Recognized fixes

Available in Aneamal 28 and later:


Browsers are typically limited to handle numbers for HTML list items whose absolute value does not exceed 2147483647, no matter whether that value is explicitly given in an HTML value attribute or implicitly calculated by the browser. This limit does not only affect lists whose number is displayed as a decimal digit, but also those whose number is represented by letters in the webpage.

The fix adds CSS via an HTML style attribute on list items to display bigger numbers, e.g.

<li style='list-style-type:"9999999999. "'>

Supporting browsers display the number correctly then, because the browser treats it as arbitrary text where the limit for handling a numeric value does not apply.


@ fix: list-numbers