errormore metadata

The Aneamal Translator reports syntax errors and other errors with an error message like this:

Errors in the previous block (/metadata/errormore.nml, line 8):
225: Tagged list lacks tags (more info).

As you can see, the error message contains a link to more information about the error. The link’s address is made of a base URL followed by the error number. An errormore metadata declaration can be used to change the base URL.

This would be useful, if you wanted the error message links to point to explanations in another language than the default English explanations. However, there are no known translations for error explanations available yet.


@ errormore: ->

For developers

When the Aneamal Translator encounters an error, it generates an error message where the base URL assigned to the errormore metadata name occurs before the error number inside a href attribute of a HTML a element:

<a href=''>more info</a>