author metadata

You can declare author metadata with the author’s name as value to document who created the content of an Aneamal file. Search engines and related software may pick up the name of the author from the generated webpage then. For instance, Mouse uses this information in the news feed which it automatically generates.


@ author: April Harriet O'Neil


author metadata can only be declared once per Aneamal file. If your file has multiple authors, assign them in a single metadata declaration, e.g. separated by commas.

You can use the related publisher metadata declaration, if you publish texts for someone else, but want to document your contribution as a publisher as well.

For developers

If author metadata is declared, the Aneamal Translator adds a meta element with the name author to the HTML output. So the example above becomes:

<meta name='author' content='April Harriet O&#039;Neil'>