Supplementary emphasis _…_

Supplementary emphasis is emphasis that is added to text without hiding the original tone, meaning or level of importance of the words. Think of how you as a student would highlight a passage in a printed text book.

Supplementary emphasis is usually implemented as underlining or with a bright-colored background, as if applied with a marker pen.

How to

Add an underscore _ both at the start and at the end of where you want to apply supplementary emphasis like in the example below. Supplementary emphasis is phrase markup, so the underscores which mark its start and end must be within the same block.

If you want to highlight multiple consecutive paragraphs with supplementary emphasis, you need to start and end each paragraph with an underscore. This is not recommended though, because highlighting everything does not really emphasize anything.


> Hair and _legssss_ are overrated in women.

The spelling reveals that this quote comes from a snake.

Hair and legssss are overrated in women.

The spelling reveals that this quote comes from a snake.

For developers

When Aneamal is translated to HTML, supplementary emphasis is turned into an HTML u element. The phrase inside the quotation block from the example becomes

Hair and <u>legssss</u> are overrated in women.

Browsers usually render the u element underlined by default, but you can change how it is displayed with CSS. For example, the following CSS rules remove the default underlining and express supplementary emphasis through yellow background color instead.

u {
	background-color: #FF8;
	text-decoration: inherit;

Unlike in the cases of heavy or gentle emphasis, you should not change properties of the font here. Supplementary emphasis should not alter text, it should be added to it.