92: Metadata name expected after ->@

A combination of arrow and squirrel ->@ marks a metadata link. This means that ->@ plus a metadata name will be turned into a link to the destination that was assigned to the metadata name in a metadata declaration. But ->@ is not followed by a metadata name in your case.


Make sure the ->@ is immediately succeeded by a metdata name that was declared with a link as value as in the following example. Mind the -> at the start of the metadata value:

@ next: ->/page-2.nml

Click to `continue reading`->@next.

You can enclose the metadata name in backticks to separate it from other characters like the ellipsis in the next example:

You can read more on the `second page`->@`next`…

If you want to create a regular link to an @ sign – whatever that might be good for –, you can prepend it with a backslash ->\@ or enclose it in backticks: ->`@`

If you did not mean to create a link at all, you can also prepend a backslash to the arrow: \->\@