64: Character encoding mismatch

You have specified a character encoding for your data URI or defined no character encoding, which results in the data-URI default encoding US-ASCII being assumed. However, the data part of the URI is not correctly encoded using the expected character encoding.


You can either re-encode the data using the encoding you specified (US-ASCII if you did not specify anything) or specify the character encoding you actually used as charset parameter within the data URI. Here is a plain text example for using the character set ISO-8859-1:


Aneamal only works with ASCII compatible encodings.

Address with a comma at the start

A comma at the start of an address is a mark for a base64-encoded textual data URI in Aneamal and is expanded accordingly. For example, smile->,4pi6 is equivalent to:


If your address starts with a literal comma and is not meant to be interpreted as data URI, you can prepend the comma with a backslash as in the following example: