49: Too many tags

You have created a tagged list with too many tags for an item. Aneamal supports up to four tags since version 28 of the Aneamal Translator. It supported up to two tags in version 27 of the Aneamal Translator and earlier.


See if you can work with at most four tags for each item.

If you need to represent higher-dimensional data, splitting it up into more than one list can be helpful. For example, if you measured something about balls of different materials, size and color at different elevations and temperatures, you would deal with five criteria. Instead of giving every measurement five corresponding tags, you could make separate lists for each material. In these lists, every item would only need four tags:

- - Balls of steel - -

<small><blue><high><hot> 3.78
<big><blue><low><cold> 3.11

- - Balls of wood - -

<small><brown><high><temperate> 4.03
<small><white><high><temperate> 4.04