46: @charset declared in embedded file or quotation block

You declared a character encoding using @charset in an embedded Aneamal file like this:

|@ charset: …

or in a quotation block like this:

>@ charset: …

Embedded files and quotation blocks must use the same character encoding as the file they are embedded in and must not declare their own character encoding though.


Use the same character encoding for your embedded content as for the rest of the file. Declare the character encoding for the whole file at the beginning of a line, for example:

@ charset: iso-8859-1

Even better, use the recommended default character encoding UTF-8, which does not need to be declared at all.

If you really need to use a character encoding in one part of your document that differs from the encoding in the rest of the document, you can use a separate file for the differently encoded part and link to that file. In contrast to embedded files, linked Aneamal files can use and declare a differing encoding.