216: Too many links for linked file

The number of links which can be chained in a single linked-file block is limited. The exact limit depends on the file type. The number of chained links exceeds the number of links supported for the file type in your case.

Maximum number of links for different file types

The following table shows how many links are possible for each file type in a single linked-file block in different versions of the Aneamal Translator:

version: 27 28
[a]-> 1 1
[b]-> 1 1
[d]-> 1 1
[h]-> 1 1
[i]-> 2 2
[j]-> 2 2
[p]-> 1 1
[q]-> 1 1
[t]-> 1 1
[v]-> 3 3
[w]-> 3 3
[x]-> 1 up to 64206


Make sure not to chain more links than are supported for the file type.

The correct way to load multiple files of the same type is usually to use multiple linked-file blocks. Each block contains only one linked file in the following example:




If you want to start the caption for a linked file with a link, make sure to have whitespace between the linked file and the caption like in the following example:

[b]->members.tsv ->#Membership is surely popular