193: File exceeds textcap

The size of text files which are marked by one of the tokens [b], [d], [h], [p], [q], [t] and also [a] is limited to a certain value, the textcap. It is 262144 (= 2^{18}) bytes by default, but can be set to a different value by you. The main purpose of the textcap is to prevent processing and integration of huge files such as videos directly into the webpage accidentally instead of handling them as a video stream.


If you really want to integrate a very big text file in a processed form into the webpage, you can set the textcap to a sufficiently big number of bytes like this:

@ textcap: 1048576

If you did not mean to integrate textual content of some kind into the webpage, but want to link to an image or video file, make sure to use the appropriate file token.

If you did not want the text file to be integrated into the webpage, but want it to be accessible by a hyperlink only, you can prepend a backslash like this: