189: Unexpected character in metadata name

A line in your document starts with a squirrel @, which marks a metadata declaration. A metadata declaration assigns a value to a metadata name. A metadata name may consist of letters, digits, hyphen and non-ASCII characters. In your case it contains a space or one of the characters !"#$%&'()*+,./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~, which is not allowed.


Choose a metadata name that only consists of letters az, AZ, digits 09, the hyphen - or characters outside the ASCII range like umlauts ä and emoticons 🧸. Metadata names with a recognized meaning can be found on the metadata page.

If you did not mean to declare metadata, but want to use a previously declared metadata name at the start of a line, you can enclose it in backticks so that the squirrel @ is not the first character in the line anymore:

`@author` wrote this.

If you did not mean to do anything related to metadata, but want to use a literal @ at the start of the line, prepend a backslash: \@